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A cover letter is often the first thing an employer will read about you so it needs to pack a punch.

If you treat cover letters as an afterthought then you are missing an opportunity, submit a lacklustre cover letter and you run the risk of a recruiter not even looking at your CV.

It goes without saying that you should write a new cover letter for each job application but while ever individual cover letter will be different there are some basic rules and touch points you should always include.

On this page you’ll find three different cover letter templates which will help you write a good cover letter. Just choose the template that is right for you.

Cover Letter

When you have just left school or college then you might not have much actual work experience.

In this cover letter you need to persuade an employer that you have the aptitude and ambition for the position. Your cover letter should reflect what makes you different and why you want to start your career with them.

Changing Job
Cover Letter

You are applying for a new job so your cover letter so focus on two areas. Firstly, why you want to work for this particular company and secondly, what you have to offer them.

In this cover letter you need to concentrate on your ability, achievementsĀ  and experience and convince them that you can be an asset to their business.

Career Change
Cover Letter

Whether you have changed or are in the process of changing career then your cover letter is an excellent way to explain the reasons behind your decision and to outline why the employer should see you.

In this cover letter you need to reflect how theĀ  skills and experience from your previous career are relevant to your new choice.

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