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Interview Tips

  • Tailor your CV to fit every application. Read the job description thoroughly and highlight the skills and experience you have that match the recruiters specification.

  • Have you checked your CV for spelling and grammar? Don’t depend on spellcheck ask a trusted friend or family member to read it for you.

  • Your CV is not your life story. Make your CV/Application relevant to the job you want.

  • In your CV use a simple, clear font. Ariel 10 for text, Ariel 12 for headings

  • When you are writing your CV it helps to think like an employer. Make sure your CV emphasises the value you can bring to their business.

  • Think of your CV as your brochure. You are selling your skills and experience to employers.

  • The secret to doing a great interview can be summed up in one word – preparation. Research the company and, if you can, find out more about the people who will be interviewing you.

  • Your CV will be the jumping off point for many of the interview questions so know your CV inside out. Remember you will have tailored your CV to fit this particular job so make sure you know exactly which skills and areas of expertise you have emphasised.

  • Spend time thinking of real life examples that you can use to demonstrate your skills. Use the STAR acronym to structure your answers. S = situation T = task = A = activity R= result.

  • Don’t just prepare your answers also say them – out loud. Actually talking to yourself, rehearsing your responses out loud will help you be fluent and clear.

  • Do you know exactly where the company is? Research your route and transport options. You need to...

  • Think about the questions you want to ask. Remember an interview works both ways, you are also finding out about the employer. Is this an organisation you want to work for?

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